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The Acme Oyster House Challenge

Man vs Food Season 1
Man vs Food Episode 10
Location: New Orleans, LA
Challenge Results: Man Wins

The Acme Oyster House Challenge

The smell of seafood in the deep fryer will get my attention every time. In episode 10 of Man vs Food, Adam Richman visits New Orleans for a taste of good old fashioned Creole, and a chance to become a member of the 15 Dozen Club. In this challenge at The Acme Oyster House, Adam will have 60 minutes to eat 15 dozen, that's 180, oysters on the half shell. Only 150 people have ever even tried to slide through this challenge...


Mother's Restaurant

The Ferdi Po-Boy at Mother's Restaurant

Located in the French Quarter and home of 'The Ferdi Po Boy', this Mother's Restaurant sandwich is loaded with baked ham, roast beef and, what they call, debris. Debris is all the little pieces of meat that fall in to the cooking juices of the giant 10 pound slabs of roast beef they prepare onsite. These big beef chunks roast for 13 hours until they're falling apart before they're ready for a Mother's Restaurant sandwich

The hams at Mother's Restaurant also undergo a special preparation process. Using a top secret glaze made from brown sugar, nutmeg, cinnamon, and some other secret spices. Lastly he adds, get this, root beer. Adam throws himself into harm’s way once again on Man Vs Food, and tries a hot slice of a ham fresh from the oven. He really looks like he suffers on this job.

Chef and owner of Mother's Restaurant, Jerry Amato, personally makes Adam's 'Ferdi' Po Boy sandwich and steps us through everything on it. Starting with fresh Italian hoagie rolls then adding the special roast beef, glazed ham, mayo, Creole mustard, a little cabbage, and then topping it off with a healthy dose of the debris to make a mouth watering, sloppy looking sandwich and...I want one.


Deanie's Seafood

Deanie's BBQ Shrimp

In business nearly 50 years, Deanie's is famous for their spicy BBQ Shrimp. It's no surprise since Adam is here, that these people serve up sea food in very large portions. Blue leg crab by the buckets, caldrons of crawfish, and mounds of shrimp delivered to you just about any way you can think to order it.

The Deanie's Seafood Restaurant Sampler

Originally starting in 1964 as a bulk wholesale seafood market, Deanie's Seafood evolved in to a full service seafood restaurant in 1982 that became known for the signature spicy BBQ Shrimp. Taking jumbo Gulf shrimp, they sauté them in olive oil and butter, with a little garlic, sweet basil and onion (that's it...there is no BBQ sauce - I don't know either).

Adam shows us some truly unreal dishes coming from the kitchen at Deanie's Seafood in this episode of Man vs Food so, if you love seafood and haven't seen this one, Login to Netflix, find season 1 episode 10 and check it out.



Richman heads down a slippery slope...

Fresh Oysters at The Acme Oyster House

Now, the Acme Oyster House Challenge is no fish story. There have been over 150 people who have tried this shell shocking challenge, but only 28 have slid in to home plate and finished all 15 dozen oysters. To ensure victory for his Man vs Food fans, Adam visits a New Orleans voodoo counselor trying to gain an edge over his 180 adversaries.

After calling on some creepy voodoo spirits for help (not recommended by me), Adam is seated for his fishy encounter. He devises a strategy of using all the sauces he can, and eating very quickly, to overcome the nature of eating this much of something with this consistency.

Man WINS The Acme Oyster House Challenge

Luckily for Adam, nothing but the best, freshest oysters are found at Acme Oyster House. At the 20 minute mark he only has 2 dozen oysters left. He digs deep down and grabs another plate. Shoveling 3-4 at a time in his mouth, Richman finishes the challenge in just over 21 minutes, claiming another Man vs Food victory, and the 29th position on the wall of fame at Acme Oyster House.

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