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Man vs Food Milkshake Challenge - Crown Candy St Louis

Man vs Food Season 1
Man vs Food Episode 14
Location: Saint Louis, MO
Challenge Results: Man Loses

The Man vs Food Milkshake Challenge

If I even try to drink a cold glass of milk too fast I'll get brain freeze. I can't imagine trying to down 120 ounces of milkshake in less than 30 minutes. That's todays challenge on Man vs Food. Adam travels to St. Louis in episode 14, where he visits The Crown Candy Kitchen to take on their 5 Milkshake Challenge. If he can pull it off, he'll only be the 23rd person in history to do so...


Iron Barley Eating Establishment

The Iron Barley Restaurant

Richman's first stop in St. Louis is the Iron Barley Restaurant. Well known (and loved) all over the city, Iron Barley is where you go when you crave the very best Oak Roasted Pork Loin or their exotic Monte Cristo Dogs. Owner and Iron Barley mastermind Tom Coghill, shows Adam how they make their smokey pork specialty.

Iron Barley Oak Roasted Pork Loin

Starting with whole 15-16 pound pork loin, Tom takes a Saws all (carpenters saw) and removes the tender loin portion, then saws out the main portion of bone. Making it look very easy, Richman wants to try the saw too. He dives right in and promptly screws up a giant loin. Realizing he is no butcher, we head back in to try out the juicy finished product.

They cut these chops thick at about 1½ inches. I guess the proper way to eat them is with your hands. They still have the bone in which makes them easy to handle, but a bit messy. The camera man zooms in on the pork loin and you can see the juices running out as they cut them. The special glaze makes a nice bark after hours of Oak Roasting. It looked excellent.

The Monte Cristo Dog at Iron Barley

The Iron Barley Eating Establishment is also known for a new twist on the Monte Cristo. They start with (2) ¼ pound Chicago Red Hots that they butterfly, then grill in clarified butter. Next they melt on two thick slices of Swiss cheese while two buns toast on the grill. Finally, the buns get a generous portion of strawberry jelly spread on them with the grilled dogs placed on top as the crown. This looked so good to me I made my wife make them for lunch, and it's a keeper.


Pappys Smokehouse

Pappys Smokehouse Restaurant

St Louis likes their pork, so there are lots of choices. However, if you want the biggest and best BBQ they have to offer, then Pappys Smokehouse is where you're headed. Serving up ribs by the truck load, a full slab of these sweet juicy ribs is enough for two people to split. One things for sure according to their patrons, you won't leave Pappys Smokehouse hungry.

Having only recently opened their doors in 2008, they're the new kid on the block that came out swinging. Staffing veteran smokehouse chefs with over a Century of expertise between them, they have quickly become a local hotspot. Winning some of the Nation’s top BBQ honors in competition, you know these guys are serious about what they do.

The Pappys Smokehouse Big Ben Dinner

During Adam's visit there, a long line was visible out the door. They don't serve left-overs here either. From the smokehouse ham, to the smokehouse sausage and smokehouse ribs, Pappys BBQ is a hometown hit. They prepare a set amount of each menu offering every day. When that item runs out they announce it to everyone, and scratch it from the menu for the day. Just knowing your always eating fresh that day food is worth the price of admission for me.

Adam sits down for the Pappys Smokehouse smoked meats specialty, The Big Ben. This is a Viking meal if I ever saw one. A full slab of thick ribs, a beef brisket sandwich, a pulled pork sandwich, ¼ chicken and 4 sides of your choice! Some of their sides include, homemade baked beans, sweet potato fries, and deep fried corn on the cob, all on one platter. This monster sells for $34.99 (as of 2009) and looks like it will feed 4-6 people. It weighs in at 6 pounds, so come to Pappys Smokehouse hungry.

The Adam Bomb at Pappys Smokehouse Restaurant

One last thing catches Adam's eye on the Pappys Smokehouse menu, the Frito Pie. As the owner Mike Emerson begins to prepare one for Richman to sample, Adam has an idea. Add a Chicago Red Hot hotdog to the Frito pie before covering it with Chili, and add it to the Big Ben Dinner Special. Mike loves the idea and to honor Adam, he adds this new item to the menu and names it "The Adam Bomb".



The Crown Candy Kitchen 5 Milkshake Challenge

Richman learns how a snowball in Hell feels...

Adam Richman reviews his milkshake challenge flavors

In the history of this nearly ancient challenge, over 500 have tried it and only 22 have succeeded. To prepare for this frosty foe, Adam decides to turn up the heat by eating roasted marshmallows, sitting in a sauna, and even tries a shot of some kind of flaming drink he spills and nearly sets the bar on fire.

Once he has himself overheated, Richman takes his Man vs Food camera crew and heads over to Crown Candy Kitchen to get the scoop on their famous ice cream. Co-Owner Andy Karandzieff shows us how they make Strawberry Ice Cream. He starts with 2½ pounds of butter fat that he says will give him 5 gallons of ice cream mix. The real strawberry jelly and puree are mixed by machine in to custard like super smooth consistency. The best around in fact.

Andy prepares for the milkshake challenge

All shake flavors here are created using real fruit and homemade syrups. For the Crown Candy Kitchen 5 Milkshake Challenge though, Adam will have to drink 120 ounces of any flavors he likes in under 30 minutes. Each shake has 3 giant scoops of ice cream, real fruit, and a scoop of malt and a shot of milk. Adam steps up and prepares to select his flavors.

Not wanting to get bored during his 30 minutes of abuse, Richman selects 2 Vanilla, 1 Coffee, 1 Mocha, and 1 Eggnog milkshake. Andy begins creating the tools of icy destruction, and Richman heads out to get the patrons wound up for the event. Finally, the tanker truck load of milkshake is delivered and the Crown Candy Kitchen 5 Milkshake Challenge begins.

Man Loses the Milkshake Challenge

Adam devises the strategy of wrapping his hand around the glasses in an attempt to melt them and make them easier to drink. He starts chugging them, somehow, and keeps chugging them. Just watching made me want to put on a coat. How, do you drink that much frozen anything in 30 minutes without suffering from hypothermia? At the half way mark swallowing is getting hard. He gets down to only about 4 gulps left, and chugs the balance of the Coffee shake.

Richman's stomach can't take another drop and the elevator in his throat changes direction. The poor children in his presence are left scarred for life with the memory of Adam's liquid defeat all over the table in front of them. Man Loses.


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